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My Journey to QHHT

Updated: Sep 12, 2021


My Journey to QHHT began around a year and a half ago but my interest in reincarnation and hypnotherapy began quite early in my life.

When I was 13 years old I started looking into a new religious belief system from the one I had been raised with. I had not felt a real connection to our church for a very long time and had not been going for several years already. One day a friend told me about a book shop she had discovered, when she took me out there I was instantly in love. The shop was called Phoenix books and it was one of the most magical places I had ever been to. The walls were lined with books on witchcraft, and metaphysical topics, the shelves stocked with crystals, colored candles and other ritual objects. Relaxing meditative music played softly in the background and the heady smell of incense filled the air. It felt very much like walking into a wizards study.

When my school implemented a work experience program I instantly decided to try to spend that time there. The family that owned the business was very kind and they agreed to allow me to come there for the week, it was time well spent and it was amazing to be included in discussions about the metaphysical with adults that treated me like an equal.

While tidying shelves I was drawn to a book entitled Across Time and Death by Jenny Cockell, it was a book about a woman who remembered a past life as a mother who had passed away and left her children behind. She spent years uncovering the memories and managed to connect to them again in this lifetime. It was an incredible book and had piqued my interest in the idea of reincarnation, shortly after that I found another book on the shelf entitled The Search for Grace by Dr. Bruce Goldberg. I was completely mesmerized by their stories and I needed to find more, I later discovered the works of Dr. Brian Weiss and after reading everything he had published at the time I had decided reincarnation would fit nicely into my world view.

Over the years I had taken out several other books on reincarnation, hypnotherapy and how to access past life memories. I recall a sleepover with my cousins where we attempted hypnosis on my sister, she went under and we talked her through a story line we made up. When we woke her up we asked her if she had any dreams and she described the story we told her with her own details on how she saw things. Later on as an older teen I recall using a past life script on a friend who managed to see a past life of a hermit who lived in the mountains, she laughed awkwardly during her session that her proudest achievement in life had been hunting a bear. Not the type of life one would expect to make up as a teen girl, adding to my belief that it had been real.

The idea of hypnotherapy as a career sounded amazing to me at that young age, but it seemed all the people doing it were Psychiatrists and the idea of going into that field as a career was not what I was wanting at that time.

The years passed and I fell in love, we moved around the country and I spent more time just experiencing living my physical life. I had let my spirituality take a back seat, it was still there but it was not the focus of all of my attention any longer. As the years went on I was promoted to an amazing job that paid well, and in theory I was helping people. I accomplished my goal of taking my family to Disneyland, we bought a house- Life was good. So why did I still feel hollow?

I remember one day my coworker was off and it was just me alone in my office waiting for my client to get ready for the day. I just felt so deeply in my soul that I was miserable, I hated being there day in and day out. The thought of spending more years doing this as a career made me feel trapped and before I knew it I was openly sobbing at my desk. I was not living authentically, the way I wanted to help people was stifled by the system I worked in. I felt like an enforcer of things I did not believe in and were counterintuitive to the way I wanted to help others. I was so scared to lose the financial security of the position I had worked hard at achieving but I knew if I stayed it would completely kill my spirit. This was the start of my dark night of soul.

I gave my notice to step down and I was moved to a new location working overnights. The work was easy and there was a lot of quiet time to reflect on life, in these late night hours I started a new journey back to my spiritual roots. Before I knew it I stumbled across Dolores Cannon and I spent many nights listening to her talks on Youtube. When she started to talk about the new earth at first I thought it sounded a little too out there for me, and yet I was drawn to hearing more. I spent months in what I refer to as my hermit phase, I call it that because over the course of that year that tarot card popped up in every reading I did.

Eventually tired of the seclusion I moved on to work in a job with a new clientele and I enjoyed it immensely.I felt like maybe this would be my new career for several years. While I worked on building a name for myself at my new workplace, I made the mistake of once again allowing my spiritual pursuits to fall on the back burner. When my workplace lost funding and myself along with around a dozen others had our jobs cut I had no doubt that it was the universe redirecting me to a new path. Although I did not know what that path would be? I decided I needed an outside perspective and so I looked for a reading. I was unable to connect to any tarot readers locally, eventually the universe brought me to an amazing Akashic record reader (Akasha Awakened) and I was given the message I needed to take the risk of moving out of my comfort zone.

Over the course of a year Dolores Cannon kept coming up on my radar. I was interested in taking her QHHT course but did not have the funds to make it a reality at the time. I asked aloud, If this course is something I should take I trust the universe to find a way to make it happen. Within a few months I was gifted money that covered the cost of the course from the most unexpected source and I signed up for it immediately. As I worked through sessions with people I realized I was leaving feeling amazing, like I was making a real difference in peoples lives. I have received amazing feedback from clients and I truly look forward to each session I have. I am amazed by the past life memories that come up for people and I love helping clients find the messages in their stories. When the Higher self connects at the end of the session it really does feel like I am able to experience real world magic first hand. I am so grateful that life has guided me to something that resonates so fully to me. As I look back through my life I can see how years worth of baby steps have helped to bring me here today, teaching me lessons and helping me grow as a human being to prepare me for this juncture in my life.

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