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My Own Path Forward

I have spent the last several years working in the human services field with a wide range of clients of all ages and backgrounds. I chose that work because I myself have overcome many obstacles in my life and had the desire to help motivate, educate and encourage others to help them create a life they could be proud of. My quest to help authentically started my return to the spiritual roots of my past and the journey towards rediscovering my connection to my soul. 


 How could I make a difference for others in a way that utilized the best of my abilities? Over the course of months I began my spiritual deep dive looking for a sense of purpose having learned that worldly success does not necessarily equate happiness. In a moment of clarity my (Unknown to me at the time) Higher Self asked me a single question "Who heals the healers?" and as I ruminated on this question life began to open up synchronicities, opportunities and the right people to nudge me down a new path. It was not always easy and spirit was determined to corral me towards the right path closing down opportunities that were close but not quite right if I was not getting the hint.

Early into my spiritual journey I was drawn to the teachings of Dolores Cannon and as time went on more and more signs appeared to be leading me down the path towards her QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) method. One day I spoke aloud to my guides "If you want me to take this course and help people with it, find a way to get it to me for free" and I left it at that. Within about a month I received a surprise monetary gift from the most unexpected source and I knew then what I needed to do, I enrolled in the training right away. After working with my first few clients I found myself in love with life again, THIS is where I am meant to be at this time. I leave each session feeling like I truly helped and full of so much life and energy. This method has taught me that life is so much bigger and more magical than we have ever been lead to believe and it is my absolute joy to assist in bringing this magic into the lives of others.

If you are feeling stuck and unsure and you are interested in opening your world up to your endless possibilities then it would be my pleasure to guide you along A New Path Forward.


  • Level 2 QHHT Practitioner

  • BQH Practitioner

  • Level 2 Life Skills Coach

  • Soul Speak

  • Level 3 Reiki

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